Special Glasses
With the introduction of Jet Service in October of 1958 Pan Am began to give customers commemorative drinking glasses to celebrate new jet routes and service to new destinations.  In addition Pan Am also gave traveling affinity groups the option to have special drinking glasses produced and given out in-flight as mementos of the trip.  The glasses came in different sizes especially in the case of affinity groups.  However, the majority of glasses were the standard highball size standing 5 inches tall with a diameter of 2 inches.  The practice continued through the 1980s though much less prevalent after the mid 1970s. Below are some examples of these unique glasses.  Multiple views are shown of glasses with complex art.
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1958 October Boeing 707 Jet Inaugural Old Fashioned Glass.
1958 October, Boeing 707 Jet Inaugural high ball glass
1959 Pan Am's first  Pacific jet service was to Hawaii. then onto Japan and the rest of the Asian network.  This glass was given to customers on some of the first jet flights across the Pacific.
1959  Boeing 707 Jet Polar Route Inaugural  Glass
1959  Pan Am promoted the name of the first Boeing 707 as Clipper America.  This glass would be from one of the first revenue flights with that aircraft, tail number, N707PA
1961 April 19,  a charter flight with special glasses for the RCA Company
1961 September a glass given to passengers on a National Press Club. charter.
1963 December 5 and 6, A glass given to customer on Pan Am's first non-stop service from New York City to Buenos Aires, Argentina.
1964 April, Different views of a glass given to customers on Pan Am's  New York to Antigua  inaugural service.
1964 May, A special glass given to customers on Pan Am's first Los Angeles to Tahiti flight.
1964 May, Pan Am and Delta began an interchange service.  Pan Am could not fly domestically and Delta could not fly internationally.  Working together through flight service was offered from New Orleans and Atlanta to Washington DC using Delta crews and then Pan Am crews took over for the flight to London, Paris and points in Germany.  For half a year Delta aircraft were used and for the other half of the year Pan Am equipment was used on these flights giving Delta a physical presence in London & Paris and Pan Am a physical presence in Atlanta & New Orleans.
1965 December  4 , A special glass for the Inaugural flight from San Francisco via Los Angeles to Papeete, Tahiti
1965 January  22, A glass for the Inaugural jet flight from New York City to Port au Prince, Haiti.
1965 October and November, Pan Am brings jet service to East Africa .The two month date stamp does not mean that it took two months to complete the service.  Most likely the Service began out of New York in the last days of October and by the time the aircraft arrived at the final destination in Africa and began the return service to New York the month had changed to November.
1967 April 1 A glass for Pan Am's Inaugural service from New York to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.
1968 July 15, A glass for the Pan Am Inaugural flight from New York to Moscow via Copenhagen.  This flight was launched at the same time Aeroflot the Russian State Airline began service to New York from Moscow.
1970 There is not date on this glass which means that it was either given out on multiple flights or might even have been given out at various ground events to introduce the 747.
1971-2 The logo style on this glass indicates that it was produced after 1970 when the 747 first flew.  Again, as there is no date this glass was most likely used as a ground promotion piece rather than in-flight.
1970  January 15, 747 A smaller rock style glass.  Pan Am's first revenue , paying customer, flight was on January 22, 1970.  Most likely these glasses were distributed at a press proving flight or other pre-revenue service.
1972 September,  A glass given to the English Speaking Union afinity group
1977 October 28, To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the founding of Pan Am the company sent a flight around both North & South Poles of the Earth.  The Boeing 747SP departed San Francisco via the North Pole to London.  The next leg of the flight was nonstop to Capetown, South Africa and then over the South Pole to Auckland New Zealand.  The final leg of the trip was from Auckland back to San Francisco.  This special wine glass was given to passengers on the trip.
1980s In the 1980s Pan Am launched daily Osaka, Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii service.  This glass was given to passengers on the first flight.
1980s In the 1980s as relations between the United States and Russia began to improve Pan Am relaunched service to both Moscow and St. Petersberg.  This Economic Council glass was given out to a trade delegation.  You can see the Pan Am logo on the other side of the glass.  This glass was a gift of Ms. Christine Pavich.