Boeing B314 "Yankee Clipper" Flying Boat
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General Tex Area
Boeing B314 registration NC18602 moored at Treasure Island San Francisco with ground service  crew on wings
1939 Boeing B314 NC18604 Atlantic Clipper Port Washington, Long Island, New York
Boeing B314 registration NC18612 Capetown Clipper moored  in Bermuda Harbor
Boeing B314 registration NC18612 Capetown Clipper moored in Bermuda Harbor
Boeing B314 rigistration NC18612 Capetown Clipper moored in Bermuda Harobr
1940s Boeing B314  boarding customer in San Francisco
 1939 Boeing B314 under construction at the Boeing Factory, Seattle, Washington
Boeing B314 Rear of cockpit.  Navigator, extreme left, Flight Engineer on left with headphones, reserve officers center rear at planning tables, Navigator or right next to plotting table
Boeing B314 Navigator at work on plotting table.  Pilot and co-pilot left and right behind the navigators right shoulder.
1940 Boeing B314 Moored at New York's LaGuardia Marine Air Terminal
1940s Boing B314 in Military Camouflage during World War II
1940s  Navy Launch approaching a moored Boeing B314.  During World War II Pan Am's entire B314 fleet was operated on behalf of the United States Navy moving critical personell and supplies around the world.
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Passenger Cabin Images
1940s Boeing B314 moored Treasure Island San Francisco purchased
1940 Boeing B314 registration NC18601 Honolulu Clipper moored San Pedro, Los Angeles, California with ground crew servicing in process
1939 July 6 Boeing B314 NC18606 American Clipper Christening Reeves Field, Treasure Island San Francisco.
1941 Boeing B314 moored at Marine Air Terminal at New York, LaGuardia, Marine Air Terminal
1941 Mechanics on wing of Boeing B314 servicing engines
1939 Ground crew service Boeing B314 at Honolulu, Hawaii
1939 First Arrival of a Boeing B314 in Honolulu.  The Aircraft was named California Clipper.
1940s Boeing B314 beached at New York, Laguardia Marine Air Terminal
1940s Boeing B314 in-flight war camoflage.  Pan Am operated the entire B314 fleet in service to the Navy for the duration of World War II
1939 Boeing B314 NC18601 California Clipper Christening Ceramony in Honolulu.
1939 Helen Poindexter, Daughter of th Governor of Hawaii, Christening Honolulu Clipper NC18601
1939 May 20 Pan Am Founder  Juan Trippe Witnesses mail loaded aboard B314 for flight to Europe Capt LaPorte with mail sack
Boeing B314  Yankee Clipper undergoing an extensive maintenance overhaul in the hanger at the Marine Air Terminal, LaGuardia Airport, New York.
1940s Treasure Island base San Franciswco with Boeing B314 moored.  Treasure Island was one of 3 large flying boat bases along with the Marine Air Terminal in New York and Dinner Key in Miami.
1944 July Four Boeing B314s in camoflage markings  moored Treasure Island, San Francisco, California
Detailed Boeing B314 cut-a-way drawing
Cut-a-way drawing of the Boeing B314  (click to enlarge for detail)
1941 Pan Am founder JuanTrippe sitting in the main lounge  of a Boeing B314 in discussion with a pilot
1940 Boeing B314 passenger cabin
1940 Boeing B314 private suite at the rear of the cabin.  This cabin was often called the honeymoon suite.
1940 Boeing B314 ladies dressing room and lavatory.
Boeing B314 main cabin lounge when not in use for passenger dinning
1940s Boeing B314 main lounge in use for passenger dinning
1940 Boeing B314 view down main aisle from front to rear
1940 Boeing B314  radio operator station on the upper deck cockpit.
1940 Boeing B314 Flight Engineer at instrument panel.  The hatchway to the right of the panel leads out to the right wing for engine maintenance in-flight if needed.
1939 Passengers dinning in the main lounge of a Boeing B314.  The all first class service offered multi-course hot meals with table linens and fine china.
Main lounge of the Boeing B314 during meal service

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The Marine Air Terminal  and hanger at New York LaGuardia Airport soon after construction was completed with one Boeing  B314 moored and awaiting customers for Trans-Atlantic travel.

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1940 customers deplane in Lisbon fromBoeing B314 American Clipper, registration NC18606 while ground crew unload customer luggage from the bow hatch.
1940 Customers deplane in Lisbon

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1939 March 3rd First Lady, Eleanor Roosevelt, Christens the first Boeing B314 the Yankee Clipper in Washington DC on the Anacostia River
March 3, 1939 The Yankee Clipper is Christened by First Lady, Eleanor Roosevlet on the Anacostia River in Washington DC.
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The first Boeing B314 Yankee Clipper Christened March 3, 1939 Washington DC

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